4 Essential Tools for Adventure Photographers

4 Essential Tools for Adventure Photographers

This article will help you understand some of the key features you need to make sure are in your camera before heading out on an adventure. By understanding the four most necessary tools, you’ll be able to take better photos and get more out of the experience.

Few things are more exhilarating than getting out in the wide open world with a camera in hand. However, venturing into the wilderness brings about specific technical difficulties that can be difficult to overcome.

1. Sun Tracking Apps

It may seem simple, but having a working knowledge of when the sun will rise and set is incredibly helpful when photographing on location. Knowing where the sun will be in the sky and how the light will fall upon a subject can be a major asset in planning a perfect scene ahead of time. Sun tracking apps can be downloaded with relative ease onto most smartphones.

2. Neutral Density Filters

Unfortunately, we can’t always control the elements. Light can often be uncooperative, much to the chagrin of ambitious photographers. ND filters can combat unexpected uneven lighting and potential clipping in highlights or shadows.

3. Handheld Gimbals

For the aspiring cinematographer, gimbals are a godsend. For smaller cameras such as GoPros, a lightweight handheld gimbal can be the perfect solution to keeping your gear balanced during a shoot—even when faced with uneven terrain.

4. Off-Camera Lighting

Bringing artificial light sources to a natural setting may seem counterintuitive to some. However, battery-operated lights can work wonders for opening up a scene. You don’t have to break your back carrying a full set of strobes; even a simple Speedlight can provide the touch of light necessary to improve composition.

Nature and all things outdoors can be incredibly inspiring. When technical issues get in the way of producing a striking image, it can be frustrating. Luckily, these practical tools do an excellent job of minimizing the obstacles photographers face when venturing outside of the studio.

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