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Create a Distressed, Comic Book Style Text Effect With WidthScribe and Illustrator
This cute cartoon text effect can be created with the convenient tools of the WidthScribe plug-in for Illustrator. We’ll add a distressed effect with stippling.

How to Create a 3D Isometric Exploded View Text Effect
In this Illustrator tutorial, we`ll take letters and make them into 3D shapes. Once they`re in an isometric view, we`ll take apart each shape, piece by piece, to create an intriguing blueprint style d...

You Can Create a Stranger Things Text Effect in Illustrator
Stranger Things is a cool television show with a very cool opening title screen. That text effect is well known – and you can create it yourself in Illustrator! We`ll show you how.

By Thor`s Hammer! Here`s How to Summon a Lightning Text Effect in Illustrator!
Here`s a simple tutorial for setting up a 3D text effect with crashing bolts of lightning to use as accents! Perfect for beginners and intermediate Illustrator users.

How to Create a Powder Explosion Text Effect with Illustrator
This explosive text effect is easy to create with Illustrator! We`ll show you how to create this vector effect in just a few simple steps.

Create a Dripping Text Effect in Illustrator
In this tutorial, we`ll show you how to take some text and drizzle it with color. We`ll make use of the warp tool to distort those letters for a sticky, messy, creative design.

How to Create a 3D Folded Text Effect in Illustrator
In this Illustrator tutorial, we`ll create a text effect that makes it look like your text is being peeled right off the page and folded in half. We`ll use gradients to add some great shading, too!

Let`s Take Some 3D Text and Squish It For This Text Effect!
A squished shape can add some style and curves to your 3D text. We`ll use Illustrator for this tutorial.

How to Create a Shattered Glass Text Effect With Photoshop
In this tutorial we`ll design some shimmering glass text and then “break” it with Photoshop! Ordinarily you wouldn`t want to break glass – bad luck and all – but for this project you`ll love the effec...

Creating a Graffiti Style Logo With Illustrator
Here`s a fun new text effect! We`ll create a vector line graffiti logo, apply some bitmap textures, and use some special tools to make it look great!