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An Introduction to 3D
This course utilizes a research-based approach and encourages Self Regulated Learning. You’ll be introduced to the main concepts that bind all modern-day, major 3D Content Creation Suites regardless o...

Rendering Wireframes in Blender 3D
The wireframe is often the basis of any detailed 3D object, so it`s essential to know how to make one. We`ll go through three different ways that you can render wireframes in Blender 3D in this slides...

How to Add Sound in the Blender Game Engine
The title says it all. This Blender 3D tutorial will walk you through how to add sound to the Blender Game Engine.

Creating Animations in the Blender Game Engine
Learn how to create animations using Blender`s Game Engine in this easy to follow tutorial.

First Person Movement - Game Engine
Learn how to move, turn, jump, and crouch in the Blender game engine using logic bricks.

Modeling a Gingerbread Man in Blender 3S
In this tutorial you will learn how to make a simple gingerbread man. In a later tutorial you will be able to make an animation with this gingerbread man.

Putting a Hat on Person
This tutorial uses the simple person model and hat from a previous tutorial.

Creating a Simple Hat
This tutorial uses the simple person model from a previous tutorial. If you didnt do it, go back and do it now---or find it pre-made just for you here.

Modeling a Simple Person in Blender 3D
Now, we will create a simple character, learning about selection and extrusion along the way. Extrusion is one of the most widely used modeling tools available.

Quickie Render in Blender 3D
A render is the creation of a picture from the cameras point of view, taking the environments effects on your scene into account, and generating a realistic...