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Basics of PHP Classes and Objects
Classes and objects are somewhat similar in helping you to organize your program. They are used to create collections of related variables and functions, which can be used to more accurately represent...

Make Life Easier With PHP While Loops
The WHILE Loop is one of the most useful commands in PHP and it`s easy to set up and use, even if it looks complicated at first glance. We`ll use Bart Simpson as an example of someone who could have...

Learn How to Use the STRPOS and STR_REPLACE Functions of PHP
These two functions will help you to handle out of the box strings that aren`t what you`d normally expect to encounter.

PHP: The Complete Basics
If you`re just starting out with PHP, this tutorial goes into a lot of depth about the bare bones basics. We`ll build a solid foundation for future learning together!

PHP Barebones Basics
New to PHP? Don`t worry everyone is at some point! If you`re having trouble gasping the basics, we`re here to help!

Basic PHP Syntax and Variables
Getting started with PHP? Try learning these absolute basics first, and you`ll have a handle on the advanced coding in no time!

Using PHP Superglobals
When you need cleaner and more efficient PHP code, superglobals will be there for the rescue! We`ll teach you how to use them in this tutorial.

Learn How to Count the Characters in a String Using PHP
In this basic PHP tutorial, we`ll teach you how to count characters in a string and other basic PHP skills and terms.

How to Connect to a Database and Create Tables
Programming tutorials do not get much easier than this! Use PHP to connect to a database. Easy as pie!

Upload an image and downsize it (in KB`s) using PHP and GD
If you have a website where you let your users to upload images, you know that even the small images (around 100x100) can reach 50 - 100KB. This is way too much, when you could simply downsize the ima...