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Modeling Hole with Edit Poly
In this tutorial we are going to create holes by Edit Poly technique.

How to set object’s fixed size in 3ds Max
We start by learning how to measure object’s dimension in 3ds Max. Then after that we will use a special panel called “transform toolbox” to set 3d object’s size. Also we’ll cover the behavior differe...

Add Details to a City in 3DS Max
In a previous tutorial, we showed you how to create a simple city in 3DS Max. This time we`ll show you how to add realistic details to make it more believable!

Rome Wasn`t Built In a Day – But It Can Be With 3DS Max!
You can create an entire, basic, 3D city with 3DS Max! Of course, since this is a quick little project, it doesn`t take into account the details you`ll want to add later. But here`s how to get started...

Three Ways to Make an Object Transparent in 3DS Max
Sometimes, like when you`re designing a blueprint for example, you need an object to be three dimensional but also transparent. There are lots of ways to accomplish this – we`ll show you three today!

Modeling a Pendant Lamp in 3DS MAX
We`ll use NURBS, or Non-Uniform Rational B-Splines, a rarely used tool among Max users, to generate and represent curves and surfaces in this tutorial. Learn something uncommon with us!

Diamonds Rendered With 3DS Max Are Forever
Ready to take your 3DS jewelry modeling skills to the next level? In this tutorial we`ll show you how to make four different shapes and sizes of diamonds. We`ll make the material for them in Vray and ...

Shaping With Polystyrene Foam in Vray
Foam has a distinct texture, sound, and weight. We`ll show you how to make polystyrene foam in Vray that will look so real you`ll practically be able to hear it squeak.

Model Some Crumpled Tin Foil in Vray
The dips and divots in a crumpled piece of tinfoil make for a challenging texture to recreate. But don`t worry – we`ve got a step-by-step guide for you here!

Punching Holes on Polygonal Surfaces in 3DS Max
This little video tutorial will show you how to create a variety of different holes on flat and curved surfaces within 3DS Max.