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How to Make a “Rate This Post” Plugin for WordPress with PHP
We`ll learn how to create a WordPress plugin, set up a plugin in a class, use hooks and filters, create an installer for your plugin, and more in this comprehensive tutorial!

Building a Multi-Level Category Using PHP and MySQL
Multi-level categories are the kind where you can hover over one category to get sub-categories...and sometimes even some sub-categories off of those! They`re useful for organizing your site and makin...

How to Add a JQuery Datatable Plugin to Your HTML Table
Datatables are mainly used to enhance the accessibility of data in HTML tables. Here`s how to add a plugin to your HTML table for pagination, instant search, and multi-column ordering.

Session Storage in a MySQL Database
While you might understand that sessions are a critical component of creating dynamic websites, you might not know everything about their use. Here are all the nitty gritty details.

Using Codeigniter 2.0 to Protect Against Cross Site Request Forgery.
We`ll show you how to use Codeigniter 2.0 to protect against CSRF in this tutorial.

Functions in PHP
A key aspect of programming is being able to create reusable code that can be accessed on demand. In this tutorial, we`ll show you how to do just that with PHP by creating a variety of user-defined fu...

Caching HTML Output with PHP
In today`s lesson, we`ll learn how to cache HTML output with PHP script. This technique will allow you to reduce the response time and increase the productivity of your website. It`s simple enough tha...

Enhanced Comments System – PHP, MySQL, jQuery and AJAX
Great programming tutorial for implementing an enhanced commenting system with PHP, MySQL, jQuery, and AJAX.

Calculating the Execution Time with PHP
Learning how to execute time is crucial as a PHP developer. Great article on how to do so.

Easy PHP Deployment with Capistrano
Capistrano can help you easily deploy your PHP applications to a production environment. Learn more in this how-to.