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Basic Website Functionality Development Webix and Struts 2 in Java
In this tutorial, we`ll take an example site and work on adding functionality to it with a Java framework (Struts 2) and Webix. A comprehensive tutorial, perfect for beginners and intermediate coders ...

Creating a Web Event Calendar Using Struts
Programming tutorial for Java developers on making a web event calendar with the Struts Framework and DHTMLX JavaPlanner.

Simple Java Calendar Video Tutorial
The first in a two part Java video tutorial series where you will learn how to make a calendar with the DHTMLX Javaplanner web control.

How to Find Elements in Java Arrays with Example Code
Unlike Collection classes, arrays do not provide any contains() methods you can use to search an object in an array. We will show you how to overcome this problem.

Java Program Structure
The package statement defines a name space in which classes are stored. Package is used to organize the classes based on functionality.

Java Tutorial
This is a beginner level Java tutorial that will introduce you to the basics of this programming language.

Semaphore example in Java 5
Simple Java Program to demonstrate How to use Counting Semaphore in Java to achieve synchronization. Semaphore was added in Java 5 and allows you to limit access on shared resource.

Dozer Mapping: The Missing Piece That Should Be There
On a recent project, we ran across an interesting problem concerning a popular java mapping library. The library we were using was Dozer, a very powerful and popular mapping utility. Our hope was that...

JUnit Tutorial
Learn JUnit step by step in this simple and easy how-to.

How to Check Prime Numbers in Java
To populate text input or textbox control when user selects combobox using jQuery. Easy solution with jQuery $(